MMTk Julia

MMTk-Julia - I have contributed to developing small parts of mmtk-core, a memory management framework with a multi-runtime language-agnostic platform for implementing garbage collection. In particular I also worked on mmtk-julia, which is a binding for the Julia programming language, enabling further research into Julia’s requirements for a performant garbage collector.


The Mu MicroVM - I have worked on the Mu MicroVM project by adding support for a LLVM backend, i.e., translating Mu code into LLVM IR (mu-aot-llvm). I’ve also added initial support for using MMTk as a GC framework for Mu (for the code, see the Mu’s latest implementation).


The Spoofax Language Workbench - Inside Spoofax I worked developing a parse table generator written in Java to fully support declarative disambiguation of operator precedence using contextual grammars, and layout sensitive parsing. I also worked developing and improving SDF3, the latest version of the syntax definition formalism SDF, which can be used to declaratively specify the syntax of programming languages.